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Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic converter thefts are on the increase with more than 1,000 stolen from cars and vans in London in 2018 – five times more than were stolen the previous year. 

As a result of these thefts, victims are left with hefty repair and replacement bills which can add up to as much as £2,000 a time.

The catalytic converter is fitted on to the exhaust system so it is fairly accessible on most cars and vans. A professional gang can jack up a car and use a battery-powered steel cutter or angle-grinder to steal the catalytic converter within five minutes.

Vehicles with a high clearance off the ground, such as 4x4s are most at risk. The Honda Jazz, Honda Accord & Toyota Prius have also been targeted because their older devices are particularly easy to reach. 

The best you can do really is to slow the thieves down or to make it difficult for them to strike and perhaps put them off completely by welding some steel wire cable to the cat & body of the car.

Also Defensive parking up against a wall or next to another low slung car may also act as a deterrent.

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