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To ensure your motor vehicle is kept performing optimally, we recommend that you have a full service every 12 months or every 10,000 miles. Here at Bakers Autos we will do our absolute best to look after you at a cost that won’t take your breath away.



As a highly qualified repair centre, our mechanics are able to repair virtually any fault. We have built up an excellent local reputation for high quality, competitively priced vehicle repairs, leaving you reassured in the knowledge that your car is in safe hands. We provide fully inclusive quotes and we won't carry out any extra work without your permission — above all our prices are very competitive.

      Car Servicing

All Makes & Models Serviced whatever car you drive, our skilled mechanics can keep it running smoothly and diagnose problems it might have in the future. Regular car servicing can extend the life of a vehicle and keep future problems at bay.


Simply give us a call to book a date and bring your car along and we will perform your MOT test. In the unfortunate event of your car failing it's MOT, our experienced technicians will advise on the required work to make sure that your car can pass the next test, and as long as you use our garage to perform the necessary work, we will retest your car absolutely free of charge!

      Air Con Servicing

Vehicle air conditioning systems can lose refrigerant gas over time, especially if they aren't used regularly, which means that they may not work as well as they should. This is why car manufacturers recommend your air con system is recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years. This service is not part of routine vehicle servicing, so if your vehicle is more than 2 years old it’s probably due an air con recharge

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